So far, I’d like to say thank you to

  • Julie
    Julie pulls ahead of the pack with a surprise midnight hug as I groggily assent and ask her, “What are you doing here?”
  • Dad
    A morning phone call wakes me up and assures my early arrival at work.
  • Rick
    SMS as I’m packing my bag. Rick gets a special effort award, because he sent a text message yesterday.
  • Jason
    Housemate crawls out of bed, wishes me happy birthday.
  • Homer
    Who manages to call me old man. Because I’m two months older, I guess he’s right.
  • Lisa
    The power of IM enables Lisa to wish me a happy birthday, even though she’s normally not awake this early in the day.
  • Coworkers
    Greeted me downstairs after I went down to get a spoon for my yogurt. I now have a tea set for five, which is very cool. I find it amusing and somewhat puzzling that I’ve gotten a tea set for my birthday now for the last couple of years. I guess I’ll have to throw a tea party at my house.
  • Mom
    Phone call before she pops in to work, which makes it around 7 in the morning over there. I guess getting up early is genetic.
  • Loren
    Ah, so that’s your IM name.

It’s early yet. Further news as events warrant. Maybe even pictures.