Geekier than thou

Some of you may remember that I had a Sony Ericsson t68i for my primary phone. In addition to being a neat little phone, it had bluetooth capability, which was great in conjunction with my Palm Tungsten T.

Then I got my 12″ PowerBook and then there was this neat little application called Salling Clicker, which allowed me to control iTunes through my phone.

Sadly, my t68i died 5 days after my warranty ran out. Work, fortunately, replaced the phone post haste, but with a different model, the t616.

Which has bluetooth capability.

And a camera.

And possibly the best polyphonic ringtone–ever.

I was bummed at first, but then I found that there is an update for Salling Clicker. Not only is my new phone supported, but my palm Tungsten, as well.

Totally awesome.