Not as scary as you'd think

I think that filling out the legal paperwork for skydiving is far more terrifying than jumping out of the plane.

I initialed about 7 pages of legalese which can be summarized, “If you die while skydiving, your family cannot sue us.” One of those pages was printed in 40 point font, and read, “Skydiving is a dangerous activity and you accept the risks involved.” I mean, the font was big. It did nothing to help my nerves.

Once I was up in the plane, it was a different story. You’re in a plane. You’re 2.5 miles above the ground. This is the safest plane ride you will ever take. Why? Because if anything goes wrong, you’ve got a parachute.

I figured, “Why get antsy?”

I knew I was going to step out of the door of the airplane. I knew that I was going to fall. I didn’t have much choice in the matter because of

a) Gravity


b) The guy strapped to my back was probably going to jump out no matter what I thought.

I had a great time over at Skydive Orange. The people were great, very friendly, not condescending at all. The hangar is a little “rough” looking, but the overall experience is great. Except for filling out the paperwork. That part was unbearable anticipation. Shane, my tandem partner, was great, and even let me pull the ripcord, which was very cool.

One caveat, I would recommend going in the summer. It’s -12ºC at 13,500 feet.

And yes, I’d do it again.