Daily Archives: March 2, 2004

Eh, okay, I guess I will

Like any good web netizen info zombie, I pass along the McDonald’s i-am-asian.com infovirus.

Julietz80: wow…
Julietz80: I mean… wow
Julietz80: ~sigh~
Julietz80: hey, at least they noticed us
Praxis Loki: Y’know, Julie, even though our peoples have traditionally hated each other, I feel like putting all that history behind us, and weaving the threads of our cultures into the everyday fabric of everyday life–let’s go to McDonald’s!
Julietz80: the cultural glue that binds us, made with chicken by-products.

I think the time is right for appropriate i-am-<insert race here>.com and i-am-overweight.com parody sites. I just did a quick search and more than a few names are still available.