Daily Archives: July 21, 2004

Technological Inferno

I’ve got a bunch of little upgrades for the technical aspect of my life. All waiting in the wings.

First off, my gaming rig. DooM3 is right around the corner, come August 3rd. Half Life 2 is coming. . . uh, this year. As I am a fan of the first person shooter, I will have to upgrade my once glorious 1Ghz pentium and GeForce 2 Ultra for something a little less lethargic. The “old and busted” will have to serve some other, less taxing purpose, like 2D games.

The “new hotness” will be more “new” and less “hotness.” I’m building a machine to play this year’s games, and not the games that will be available 3 years from now. While I admit this may alienate me from those who possess cores that are not soft, I believe that only spending $400 for a machine will be good enough. Thanks to Ars Technica and their buyer’s guide, I won’t have to do too much shopping for my budget box. I also read AnandTech for the second opinion.

Shouldn’t be too harrowing, wallet wise. My monitor accepts two inputs, and I’ve got a few components just hanging around. I’m even reusing a video card.

Secondly, my wireless network.

The Aiport Express is out, and Ars Technica has given it their once over. The stores should be getting them in next week. This week was for all the people that preordered it, and the people that waited in line to get the ones that weren’t preordered.

I should have preordered.