Truly Awesome

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking, “You know, I really wish that someone would take the characters from Les Miserables and put them in a 2D fighting game a la Street Fighter.”

Your wish has been granted.

The Les Miserables 2D fighting game.

Play as Cosette, Tenardier, Valjean, Javert, Eponine and others. Enjorlas has this really incredible special attack where he drops the Barricade on you and then sets it on fire. Valjean, is your big guy. Eponine is the sassy, street smart, dirty tricks fighter. The rest of the characters are characterized in a way that makes sense, while staying true to fighting game conventions.

Installation is easy. Most dialog boxes are garbled, due to the translation, but it is fairly easy to feel your way around the menus. I recommend going to the options and checking out the button configuration for keyboard.

To start the game just hit any of the attack buttons. If you are familiar with the Street Fighter School of Special Moves Input, you will do fine. (Quarter circle forward + punch, back to forward + kick, etc.)

This is a remarkable game. It was put together by one guy over five years. Why?

Because he is a fan of Les Miserables. Here’s an interview (scroll down for the English) with the creator of the game, Takase.

Now I ask you, “Can you stand up against the mechanized might of ROBOJEAN?”