Daily Archives: September 19, 2005

On Presidents

A former President comes to visit your place of work, everything goes surreal. You have Secret Service on every floor in your building. Background checks are performed on everyone. When they leave, everyone gets a group picture.

We make them more than just men.

But they are just men. They wear makeup before they get on television, they use the restroom, they even ask for cushions to sit on so they can look taller in comparison to the host. They eat chocolate chip and pass over the russian tea cookies.

Just men, still trying to solve some big problems.

I don’t envy them.

Splice the mainbraces!

Avast ye lubbers!

Pirates, the contructible card game.

Pirates!, the computer game. Also, there be an xbox version, if yer ship careens that way.

Puzzle Pirates, an online game.

Fer sure, ye be getting yer pirate on. One way er’another.


This be the most Piratey of days.