Daily Archives: January 11, 2006

Oh, hey

Clerks 2 is coming. I’m looking forward to it. I was once a register monkey, so it’s fun to see people on the big screen doing things that you’ve seen in the real world.

This movie is of course, hyperbole. The real world is not. What is frightening is that I’ve actually experienced some of those things when I was working retail. The problem with the job is that it brings you in contact with an inordinate number of people.

People who work retail do one of two things when they realize this fact. They either quit, or lose faith in humanity.

I started the job with “antifaith” in humanity. That is, faith in people to do the wrong thing in any given situation.

I only worked on weekends and I saw plenty of that.

People (I hesitate to call them, “parents”) leaving children in the store unattended. Kids shoplifting. Grown men crying over Microsoft Train Simulator. Parents buying seven year old children “M” rated games.

The usual.

So, having quit that job years ago, it brings me great pleasure to watch fictional characters living retail. This trailer looks like they’ve moved on to food service.

I worked food service for approximately two hours and quit.

Not enough money in the world.