Woohoo! Open federation for google talk. What does this mean?

One protocol to rule them all. Or, at least the first steps along that path.

In theory, provided that all IM services used the same protocol, you could log onto Yahoo! and chat with someone using Windows Messenger.

At the moment, I require six different accounts to chat. That’s a little out of hand. I have AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Messenger, ICQ, GTalk, and World of WarCraft. Worst instant messaging client. Ever. But I do need it to talk to certain people.

With open federation, chatting would be like sending an email. It wouldn’t matter which service I use.

In addition to convenience, I think that open federation would lend a sense of legitimacy to instant messaging. Something sorely lacking when one thinks about the perceived “life experience level” of the average chat participant.

(i dnt no wht ur tlkng abt lolol. asl?)

So bring on open federation. It’s about time.