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WarCraft Adventures: Redux

So, Blizzard has removed StarCraft: Ghost from their webpage.

Additionally, the game has been “indefinitely postponed” while Blizzard reevaulates their next generation console hardware strategy.

StarCraft: Ghost made Wired’s 2005 Vaporware Awards. Ranked number five on the list, it shares this “honor” with such titles as Duke Nukem Forever (number one), Zelda: Twilight Princess (number six), and Team Fortress 2 (number seven).

In its defense, StarCraft: Ghost has only been in development for about half the time of Duke Nukem Forever.

Of course, Duke Nukem Forever has supposedly been in development since 1997.


If it’s your style, Karaoke Revolution Country is out.

How would you know? Well, just peruse the song list.

All my ex’s live in Texas. . .
And that’s whyyyyyy I hang my hat—in Tenesseeeeeeee!



Beatmania drops stateside tomorrow. It’s only been what, a decade? Now Konami needs to start bringing over the rest of their music game library.

Except for Guitar Freaks.

They missed the boat on that one. That money is lost.

Guitar Hero is a better music game. I’ve played both. Guitar Freaks may have come first, but Guitar Hero has the better music selection, which is the most important part of a music game. There are gameplay options that can use some tweaking. RedOctane would do well to pull a few features out of Konami’s guitar case.

Such as, the option to play Bass.

Let me break it down SAT Style:

Guitar Hero :: Guitar Freaks as Pump it Up :: Dance Dance Revolution

I could use some guitar interpretations of classical music on one of the seven Guitar Hero games they have planned for this year and next.

I’ll just keep playing until then.


Remember Bumpy Trot?

It’s STEAMBOT Chronicles now.

What I want

Blizzard, just give us StarCraft 2 instead of delaying your vaporware StarCraft: Ghost endlessly.

WarCraft Adventures, anyone?