Daily Archives: March 1, 2006


I was messing around with the theme bits on my site in Notepad (yes, I know) when I decided to look for an open source solution.

jEdit is open source, it highlights the code and indents it properly. For my purposes, it seems to work well, since all I’m doing is tweaking wordpress themes.

Makes me want to muck about on the site a bit more.

I guess that’s my way of saying that things are going to break around here.


I’ve been thinking about a Mac Mini to augment my ailing-in-its-old-age PowerBook. But now, I see that the Intel Mac Minis have an integrated graphics solution.

I’m not so sure how I feel about that.

Guess I should hope for a price drop and snap up one of the older models.

Off the Record

Google Talk has this interesting “Off the Record” feature, which prevents a conversation from being saved on google’s servers. Unfortunately, this doesn’t prevent either party from highlighting and copying and pasting.

Like so:

Party1: So.
I just watched the lost episode with extra INCEST.
Sent at 4:59 PM on Friday
Party2: ah, that one
Party1: Well.
You are now off the record (from now on, chats with Party2 will not be saved in Party2’s Gmail account or yours) Learn more Cancel
Party2: Can you blame him?
This chat is no longer off the record
Party2: yea. Shes a total bitch
Party1: Totally.

Just a reminder that if you don’t want it on the internet, don’t put it on the internet.