Daily Archives: November 22, 2006

Linux, Part Deux

So, as something fun to do, I’ve installed Ubuntu Linux onto my old Dell desktop that I had laying around the house. So far, I’m digging it and it’s taken the place of my defunct gaming rig.

Pretty snappy performance on a 1Ghz Pentium with 512MB of RAM.

Hell. I may put make an attempt to install it on the PowerBook if this experiment turns out well.

"But I'm hopped up on coke!"

I’m receiving a lot of “compliments” tonight.

“You play a very convincing coke addict.”

That’s something I don’t have a good response to. Other than asking how many coke addicts they know.

We’re wrapping up for the night, the debriefing is going well. I look around the room and see my friends chatting, the birthday celebrant laughing, and the GMs smiling a good bit.

I just finished my first LARP game.

And I had a good time, despite my initial reservations. The word, “LARP” has a negative connotation. One not helped by videos freely available on the internet. In my recollection, “Lightning bolt” was my first introduction to the concept.

It means Live Action Role Playing. So, basically, take any of the various tabletop roleplaying systems out there and then act it out in real life.

I know. Very geeky. To the point where it makes me uncomfortable even thinking about doing anything LARP related.

But there I was, invited to a Murder Mystery Party that turned into a full on LARP experience, complete with character sheets for all the attendees, Game Masters to keep the game orderly, and all of us exchanging worried looks and shaking our heads to ourselves when we thought the GMs weren’t looking. Continue reading