Daily Archives: September 10, 2008

Digital Rights Mangling


It’s a game designed by Wil Wright, who’s the guy who designed the Sims. You may have known that.

Here’s something you may not have known:  He did not design The Sims 2, and is not designing The Sims 3.

That’s because game publishers like to keep the designer’s names off of the retail boxes.  This is so that if the development team ever loses a “big name,” they can continue to publish sequels without the mainstream public knowing about the loss of an important member of the development team.

It would be like a Star Wars movie without George Lucas, although this is a bad example, considering that movie would probably rock.

Anyway, back to Spore.  You may have heard of it.  It’s got a one star rating on Amazon.

Why?  Well, I like to see it as an educational campaign about DRM and Securom, instead of ratings bombing spam. Continue reading