Daily Archives: April 23, 2009


I used to love bookstores.  When I was younger, I could sit in a bookstore, pick up a book, and finish it in a couple of hours.

Now that I’m older, I want to at least carry it over to a table.  Easier on the knees that way. I still love bookstores although now I’m just more wary of the people in them.  And I tend to stay away from the self help and erotica sections.  I do however, find it amusing that they’re usually side by side.

There is just something about all the books together, neatly arrayed by author and by subject.  I believe it’s the idea that everything could have a place and be orderly.  It’s something to strive towards, something missing in my own chaotic and cluttered life.  For everything to have a place (and to stay in place) is a dream that I’ve yet to see come to fruition.

That and to have so many books in one place.  Although admittedly, I could just go to the library and do the same thing.  And it would end up being cheaper.

I did however, pick up a pulpy noir fantasy novel about a wizard in Chicago.  Looks promising.