inFamous, Part Good

Just finished up the first playthrough of inFamous and I’m not sick of it yet.  So I’m in my second playthrough.  Playing the boy scout and the game is definitely more challenging.

When I was playing the evil side, there was just destruction, chaos.  I would launch explosives at every opportunity.  If there was a problem, the solution was shooting it.  If there wasn’t a problem, more than likely I was blowing something up.  I could do anything I wanted, and no one could stop me.  Not the cops, not civilians, not the gangs.

It was awesome.

Now, as the boy scout, things are a little more challenging.  If I shoot a civilian, that’s an automatic karma penalty and I take another stop towards evil.  I can’t just shoot everything.  And explosives are right out in public places.  It’s annoying.  What’s even more annoying is when pedestrians run right into the line of fire.  It’s not frustrating, and so far, I still find it funny.  It’s just a little surprising when I’m hiding out behind cover and I pop out to take a shot at the guy that’s shooting at me and a civilian just jumps into the line of fire.

Ah well.  Can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

I figure the greater good is worth a few civilian casualties, as long as I make the effort to revive them later

Not surprisingly the solutions to all of the problems are still explosives and shooting, but now I’m shooting the bad guys.  Although I was still shooting bad guys the first time. I guess I’m doing it again.

Although in a good way.