First Round: Microsoft

Read the highlights of the Microsoft keynote.  Facebook, and twitter in the 360 dashboard.

I hate to say this, but if the 360’s integration of Facebook is compelling, it may be my killer app and I finally lose the “Don’t Join Facebook” game I’ve been playing for the last year or so.

Love the ability to browse the instant queue in Netflix.  This is something that has been needed ever since the service was released.  I’m one of those users that has a standing movie night and the 360 is always the “go to” device if I don’t know what I’m showing.  The ability to browse the queue and add items now brings it up to the first tier.

SONY is going to have to have a really impressive keynote today to keep up with Microsoft.  Just announcing the PSP GO isn’t going to validate the purchase of my Folding@Home Blu-Ray player.  (Okay, well, it plays inFamous, too.)

Note to SONY:  I hear that this “social networking” thing is going to be big.  Better get on it.