Slimming Down


Not weight related, but, no, then again, it just might be.

I was contemplating my pants (heyo!) and realizing that the profile could be improved by removing the small brick that was my wallet from the front pocket.

Additionally, my keys needed to be audited because it had turned from being a simple keychain with keys into this monstrosity of metal parts that resembled a Group 7  Tavern Puzzle.

I researched a couple of wallet options. From the binder clip option, to the tyvek envelope, eventually deciding to go with a retail option for a couple of reasons.

One, I’m a grown man and someone may need to see this wallet at some point. Two, there were some wallets I actually liked when I was shopping around.

I settled on the Slimmy.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Primarily, I wanted to see just how little I could get away with. Forcing myself to go to a minimalist wallet on the first iteration basically made me get rid of a lot of things.

I found out a couple of things during the audit.

I only really use my ID, my bank card, and my metro pass. Three cards. I eventually settled on putting a credit card in there and two of my personal business cards. Most days I don’t carry cash, but when I do carry cash, it fits in there just fine.