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Assistance Required

“In all seriousness, I’m waiting for you to bring that up to the counter, and the register girl to take one look at it, at you,  and then shake her head, ‘No’ and then slide it back across the counter.”

He scrutinizes the chart on the back of the box.  I’m relieved when a salesman finally approaches us.

“Do you gentlemen need help?”

“Yes,”  I say and point at Homer.  “This man needs lots and lots of help.  Preferably yours.”

Twenty seconds earlier.

“So, what do you think?”  He says, holding up the plastic container.  “Large?  I mean, the chart on the back seems to indicate that I’m right on the border.”  He points to the location on the chart.

“I think,” I say, taking a step back.  “That this is a very personal decision that every man needs to make on his own.  Or get your wife involved.”

Thirty seconds earlier.

“Seriously, I think I may need a codpiece for the costume this year.”

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Shoujocon Part Deux

Well, be it ever so humble. . . Yes, I’m back. pictures from the con are here. Sorry about the quality about most. What can you expect from the aiptek camera. It does what it’s supposed to do. Nothing fancy like megapixels, but you get the gist. Which is better than memory, as far as I’m concerned.

But it was worth it. Well, maybe not the con, but making new friends and renewing friendships with the ones you already have are worth the trip up. It’s times like these where I make the resolution to go up and visit people without the excuse of a con.

I do regret one thing, and that is the fact that I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked in New Jersey. That, and my lack of a decent Larva costume.

“mad props” to Carmel, Jackie, Adnan, and Tung for the “hookups” this weekend. You’ll see some of their handiwork in the pictures. Some interesting moments from the weekend include:

Hotohori and Chichiri’s cosplay kiss — Gun Buster drinking game — Bar B Q @ Carmel’s — New World Manga — Weak dealer room — One person asking for a picture — cosplayers — Jackie’s mom’s manicotti — Adnan’s scrambled eggs — Special, SPK and the GahtBustah! — Finding the rest of the Brawl cards —

Still haven’t seen the entire Final Fantasy movie, and I’m a bit bitter about that. Read a few reviews that trash the movie because it wasn’t convincing enough. I wasn’t expecting oscar material. It’s not oscar material. What it is, is a fun movie, something interesting to watch. It’s not a live-action film. It’s a film. Better than tomb raider. As good as say, Blade Runner. Man, I’m gonna catch hell for that one. I’ll write more about it later, definitely.

Oh, hey, and Mikey–I miss you too.

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Gone to Shoujocon. Be back later with pictures and such. No, really, I promise. Don’t laugh, but I’m in some sort of Larva bastardization costume, complete with mask. No cloak. It’s hot out there.

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