Daily Archives: July 21, 2001

I just thought that these things would be interesting with the actual weekday on them. Captain’s log and all that other bull crap. Heading out to Ken’s surprise birthday tonight. Oops.

Er, his birthday party–er, wait. Tupperware gathering.


In any case, I hope that all is well with everyone this week. I’m really excited about Otakon, and before anyone accuse me of being an animé junkie, I’d like to correct them and point out that I’m a videogame junkie, first and foremost.

I probably should post up a picture of the collection. Oh yeah, I could stop whenever I wanted to. But I won’t.

(the collection.jpg)

Note that this picture is missing the following: Beatmania Controllers. DDR pads. DDR hard platforms. Samba De Amigo Controllers. Guitar Freaks controllers. Sega Fishing controller. Game Boy Games. Handheld Electronic Games. And a pile of games next to my bed. Oh, that’s all six of the Toa from Lego’s Bionicle series of toys. Cool, huh? Okay, well maybe a little sad.

In other news, the FilCam is up and running again, there at the bottom of the page. Well, not really. It just basically shows whatever picture I feel like putting up there. No webcam software as of yet. However, it’s probably for the best. Do you really want to see me coming out of the bathroom, my body glistening with water, my hair slicked back with wetness, running as I try to turn off the camera before the towel falls from my supple, slender waist?

Yeah, just as I thought. You sickos.