Feeling much better today. Amazing what rest and a few liters of water can do. I’m actually up to rice with vegetable broth now. The dizziness and achiness have for the most part subsided. I’d still like to take it easy. Which for me, means normal songs on Pump It Up tonight.

Having spent half the day doing and folding laundry, I have decided that from now on, I will not ever get to the point where I spend half of the day doing and folding laundry.

Here’s an update on the Great Friend Takeout of 2002:
Venues Visited: Thai Room, Hooters, Clyde’s, Outback, Guapos, The Vegetable Garden
Discovered: Hooters wings really aren’t that bad. I’d start with the hot and go from there, though. Mild is merely. . . mild. Why bother at that point?

Health: 70% of nominal operational parameters.