Yeah, I'd Say That's a Full Day

So, I wake up this morning and go to help MC this culture show, right? It starts to rain so we have to change sites last minute. It ends up being a lot of stress, but then turns into a pretty good show. Afterwards, I go home and prepare for Astralweng’s “surprise” birthday party.

By “prepare” I mean take a shooter of triple sec. Pretty citrus-y. Then, it’s off to purchase ice and mixers after packing all the alcohol. Quix was quite the bartender once he got there. I think in the span of an hour and a half, I had approximately six drinks. All different liquors. I can tell my liver’s going to enjoy tonight. I start to worry because people start commenting on how much I’ve drunk. I feel fine.

Which is good because we leave early to watch “Scorpion King.” Which ended up being a fairly entertaining movie–but keep in mind, I was drunk at the time. Afterwards, we followed up with breakfast at the diner up the street. Now it’s time to sleep. Thankfully.