Whatyoutalkin'about, Willis?

Okay. I thought I was seeing things when I had my brief stint with television a few weeks ago. Something called, “The Rerun Show.”

When I first saw this on the glass teat, I thought, “Hey, wow, television’s doing self parody! That’s great.”

Little did I know how wrong I was. These are television shows reenacted word for word. It’s the same scripts, different actors.

“The Rerun Show” revisits classic TV moments when a talented ensemble cast reinacts episodes of some of AmericaÂ’s favorite TV shows with a contemporary comic twist.

And yes, I know that “reinact” is spelled incorrectly. I’m taking it word for word from NBC’s website.

Public Service Announcement: Ladies and gentlemen, television has reached its saturation point. No further innovation is possible. I advise everyone to go out and perform one or more of the following activities: Play some pool. Read. Become regulars at a bar somewhere. Visit a museum. Drink sangria. Try all you can eat sushi. Play some games. Watch movies with friends.

Choose what you want to be entertained by, when you want. The networks have given up trying to entertain you.

You’re going to have to go out and do it yourself.