Daily Archives: September 6, 2002

I could while away the hours. . .

There are many things in life that we take for granted. We sometimes require their absence before we really appreciate them.

Direct deposit. Interns. Toilets that flush on a regular basis. Internet access. Husbands. Recreational sex. (While currently absent, there are just some things you never take for granted.)

Today, what I miss is my Pilot. I left it at home. Which isn’t a horrible thing–I’m not completely dependent on it. I don’t put a lot of personal events on the calendar. If you say we’re meeting at a certain time at a certain place–I will be there ten minutes early. I don’t require a small battery powered computer to remind me that I will be meeting you for drinks and dinner in Bethesda.

Instead, it is filled with administrivia and factoids.

When I last called building maintenance regarding the toilet that doesn’t flush correctly. My suit and clothing sizes. Movie times for the eight movie theaters I frequent. Hotels that serve high tea in the DC metro area. Song lyrics.

Today, I’m missing the Pilot because I needed to write down some financial info that undoubtedly I’d need later. Instead, I used one of the five journals I keep around with me. It’s not as handy, but it does the job. I’ll undoubtedly transfer it over later.

Basically, I fill the Pilot with the following category of information: “Things that while marginally important, really don’t need to take up space in my head.”

Which leaves a lot of room for the important things, like where to purchase San Miguel Dark Beer in the DC Metro area. Birthdates of my father, mother and brother. The rules of nine ball. Release dates for computer and video games. Moves, strategies and stories for already released computer and video games. Ogling. Ogling. Ogling. Knowing that three Guinness on an empty stomach is the upper portion of that envelope I really should not push.

You know, the really important things.