How these things get there

So, we’re at Dave and Busters in White Flint, and we’re all there doing the redemption ticket games because they’re fun. FuriousGeorge gets all of our tickets together and we find out that we’ve got enough to get us all a little something. So we all get harmonicas, which is funny because none of us can play the harmonica, and besides, they’re crappy harmonicas, right?

So we get the harmonicas, and I get a kazoo, too, since we’ve got extra tickets.

Then JungFroid sees us with our harmonicas and he gets all mopey because he doesn’t have one. So he plays a few of the games, and pretty soon he gets enough tickets to get a harmonica. He’s pretty happy, I mean, he’s all psyched up about how he’s got a harmonica. He even buys the rest of us kazoos, much to the disappointment of the people in the booths next to us.

So we’re playing our kazoos, doing “best video game themes” and “songs from the 80s,” and making horrible squinching noises with the harmonicas.

One hour and one almost fistfight later, it’s time for us to leave, so we get in our cars and we start the drive home. FuriousGeorge lives out in VA, so he’s in the car with JungFroid.

Not two miles out from WhiteFlint, JungFroid pulls up next to my car. I’m not looking, but Yuriko Kinje informs me that he’s got the window open with the harmonica in his mouth, both hands on the steering wheel. We’re going about 35 miles per hour at this point. It’s a nice night, and I’ve got all the windows open.

I hear two blasts of a harmonica, and then silence.

My car erupts into laughter.

On the third toot of the harmonica, he managed to blow it out of his mouth, through the window, and onto Rockville Pike.

FuriousGeorge: I couldn’t breathe for five minutes, I was laughing so hard.

So, when you see the remnants of a harmonica somewhere between White Flint and Grosvenor metro station. . . Yeah, that’s how it got there.