Not indicative of politicians at all

Just came back from voting.

Took 20 minutes, in total. Good thing I had the day off, and due to my last name, I was a pretty short line.

Of note:

The campaigners are so interested in you on the way in. Every time I run the gauntlet towards the polls. I keep my hands in my pockets so they can’t give me pamphlets. I keep my eyes down so they can’t make eye contact, or put their signs where I might inadvertently read them. I shut my ears to their friendly greetings.

They want so much to make you feel like their candidate cares about you.

After I vote, my head is up, my hands are free, and my ears are open.

I try to make eye contact, and I receive nothing but a sideways glance. Nary a sneer. I don’t even get a “thanks for voting” from any of the campaigners. It is my honest belief that they would not waste their breath to send an epithet my direction.

They just don’t care.

But I vote–because for some reason, I care.