Inauguration Day falls under the category, “Things that happen only once every four years.” Much like my Cadbury Creme Egg ingestion, and eating at McDonald’s. Although now I can say with a fair amount of accuracy that I have probably gone through the Clinton and Bush administration without choosing to eat at the local ingestible polymer allocation station.

Also on that list, is, “Seeing Metro packed with tuxedo and fur clad riders.” It’s a new experience for a majority of these people. Overhearing their conversation is like looking through tiny portholes into lives.

“Oh my goodness Reginald, did you hear how he pronounced ‘Tenleytown-Ay Youuuu?’ How quaint!” Her voice is filled with wonder and amusement.

My voice on the other hand, is filled with the harsh bitter reality of using DC mass transit for 12 years.

Welcome to Metro. I know that it may be the first time for some of you, and for others, it’s been a while–but stand on the left, and get out of the fucking doorways when I’m trying to get on.