Wonderful day

Went to the National Zoo today with Morgan and her mother. The relative warmth of today brought out a lot of people.

I hadn’t been to the zoo in a while, and all I could remember was the exhibit where the spiders are happily spinning webs without that pesky glass getting in between them and tasty people. Fortunately, that’s still there. Morgan didn’t really want to see that exhibit, but I forgot that it was in the invertebrate house. So we saw it anyway. Just past it though, is the butterfly exhibit, and that’s really beautiful.

The zoo’s under a lot of construction, so a lot of it is just dirt and chainlink fences. I’ll visit again when they’re done.

We got to see the baby cheetahs at two, a feeding at the reptile house at three (my favorite), and caught the panda feeding time at four. It was a nice route that just happened to work with some good timing. We were hardly in any lines at all.

It was nice, but I think I’ve done my zoo visit for the year. Now it’s time to hit the museums.