Daily Archives: April 30, 2005

It's a Start

Ah, the Loonatics.

An eleven year old boy just struck a blow against extreme marketing and convinced Warner Bros. to rethink their new character designs for Buzz Bunny and crew. Amazingly, he managed to do this with an online petition .

You think Warner Bros. would have an eleven year old on staff to tell them that the new designs for their cartoons are “dethh-picable.”

“John, you need to step into my office.”
“Yeah boss, what’s up?”
“Well, you see, it’s that new idea you had about reinventing Looney Tunes.”
“Yeah, it’s totally awesome, to the max! I know!”
“Actually, John, an eleven year old just convinced 80,000 people that this wasn’t a good idea.”
“. . .”
“Also, you’re fired. To the max. Totally.”

Man, that didn’t happen, but I really wish it did. Too bad they’re not actually doing anything to the show, other than telling the kid that they have revised the character art into softer looking characters.