Daily Archives: May 6, 2005

Short and Stout, with a Candle

So I’m looking at teapots. And I find one thats. . .


I know.

So anyway, teapots.

This teapot looks great. The wooden stand is nice, and the teapot itself is aesthetically pleasing. The idea of a candle lighting up the brown liquor is also appealing.

But I have to ask what’s wrong with a real teapot and maybe a cozy?

Besides, you should be pouring boiling water into your teapot, swirling it around to warm it up, dumping that water, then steeping your tea. I do a variation of this with mugs at work. It does keep the tea warmer longer, since it’s not spending all of its heat warming up the mug.

The candle is a nice touch, but I kind of have my doubts. I just imagine my condo in flames.

That, and well—it’s ninety-two dollars.