PS2 Graveyard

My Playstation 2’s acting up. I’m surprised that it lasted this long, since it was the first revision of the hardware at launch. Some of its brothers had drive issues that rendered them useless years ago. They fixed that, or at least I would hope so, considering that there are twelve revisions of the hardware that have come out since then.

Yes, twelve. Yes, I know they don’t say anything about that in the pamphlet. I wouldn’t advertise I was fixing things, either.

So, my PlayStation 2 is acting funny. Perhaps it’s merely following the programming of all Sony products past warranty and post announcement of their successor. Maybe I need to buy a new one.

Or, perhaps I just need to buy a lens cleaner and give that a shot. I’m going to go against conventional wisdom and try the cheaper option first.

Sony says that they sold ninety million PlayStation 2s worldwide. Almost a hundred million PlayStation 2s, which are enough to make a really bitchin’ supercomputer, if everyone just stopped playing Madden. Of course, with that much hardware out there, accidents are bound to happen.

I would take a guess that at least half a million Playstation 2s are sitting in landfills, tossed by upset parents, dumped for defective drives, ruined by failed modchip installs, shot in the line of duty (in Texas, no doubt), lost in natural disasters, or just there because they don’t work anymore.

I know they’re not all in the same landfill, but wouldn’t that be a sight?