One day, Sam asked me a question during lunch.

“How many cameras do you have?”

Good question. One that is not easily answered. The short answer is, “many.” I have had a lot of cameras. Most are not being used, tossed aside after their heyday. I am unable or unwilling to part with them in anyway. Most are still functional. Perhaps not the aiptek pencam that had the battery acid incident, but I did say, “most.”

I have a particular fondness for the Game Boy Camera I own, although now it would be difficult to get pictures out of it. There’s a graininess in the low resolution pictures that give it a certain charm.

I shoot everyday with a Sony DSC-U30 camera. It’s a point and shoot with no zoom. It just makes me get closer to the subject. Overall, I appreciate the small size, fast startup time, flash, integrated lens cover, and AAA batteries that I can replace on the fly.

Since the battery failure of my everyday watch, I’m wearing my Casio Wrist Camera, and posting the results to Flickr. What I love about it is that it looks like a clunky watch. No color screen to give it away.