Contest, I guess

Due to a clerical error. . .

I’m giving away prizes!

  • Grand Prize: One 30 day free trial to City of Heroes (retail box)
  • First Place: One 14 day free trial code for City of Heroes (online code to download the client from NCSoft)

Now, I’m not just giving these away, you’ll have to earn them. Basically, I want a unique, cool hero idea. I want their Name, their Archetype (Blaster, Defender, Scrapper, Tanker, Controller), and a bit of background as to why they are in the hero biz.

Extra points for:

  • How they arrived in Paragon City.
  • Costume idea.

Best entries as decided by me, Morgan and Yuriko will get a shot at these fabulous prizes. You may want to browse the City of Heroes website for background on the game itself.

Good luck. Have fun! Email me your entry. You know where.

Update: I am accepting entries all the way up to 3:33pm next Thursday, June 16th. Winners will be announced next Friday.