Daily Archives: November 17, 2005


It’s not really my thing, I really don’t cook. I think I heat things up, mostly. When pressured, I can throw things into a slow cooker or follow a recipe. For the most part, I don’t cook.

I do love food. Which is why I like watching the food network at people’s houses or reading SlashFood.

That said, this recipe for a Hawaiian inspired cranberry relish sounds tasty. I think the lychees would be good in there.

A cunning plan

You may or may not have heard of this white box coming from Microsoft. You may have heard of its capabilities to render entire worlds, to create online communities, play all of your (completely legal) media from your PC on your television, and make a damn tasty omelette.

Me being me, I want one. I want one now. First revision hardware be damned, I want one. I have four other consoles connected to the television, games still in shrink wrap, games I can’t even play because they are Japanese imports, and I want one.

But I also wanted a condo and I got one. Now look at me.

I couldn’t bring myself to buy another console. After all, this is the “Year of Restraint.”

On the other hand, what if I earned it?

So two weeks ago, I made a deal with myself. I said, “Self, have I got a deal for you!”

I don’t drink enough water. I find it endearing that this particular behavior is a bad habit because you don’t do it.

I would pay myself one dollar each half-liter bottle I drank at work. Nothing extreme. By all accounts and by what “they” say, I’m supposed to drink about three or four of these a day. By putting the $800 carrot down the line, I figured that I would be able to drink that much water in about six months.

In two weeks, I made $7.

I obviously do not drink enough water.