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Oh, right!

Before I forget, Happy New Year, everyone!

You know who you are.

Same great DS, fewer calories

So. Nintendo finally announced their redesign of the DS.

The DS lite.

Yes, I’m going to get one. Just like I have the GameBoy Advance, the GameBoy Advance SP, the GameBoy Player for the GameCube, and the Nintendo DS. Not to mention I’m considering getting one of the new GBA SPs because of the brighter screen. That or the Micro. I haven’t really decided yet.

“But Fil,” you ask. “What about the PSP?”

What about it? What games? What would I do with it other than watch overpriced movies on UMD and play substandard ports of games that I have already played? Sure, there are homebrew apps, but SONY continually releases firmware that breaks any and all homebrew functionality. So long MAME and your thousand upon thousands of games.

Kudos to SONY for not recognizing a genuine selling point of their portable device, and alienating their early adopter audience. In other words, way to turn off the geek community, the people who are trying to make your device worth owning. They are the ones trying to turn your product into something better than an overpriced black plastic brick with a pretty screen.

You are hurting them. Stop.

Update: Yuriko sends this comic my way.

No Fat Kids

Hey, look, West Virginia Schools lead the way by adopting video games into their curriculum. One hundred and three middle and junior high schools in West Virginia are getting Dance Dance Revolution machines. Too bad Andamiro can’t get a deal like this for their Pump It Up games.

Wish my connection worked

Yes, I know I don’t really play anymore, but that is one big spider. The skeletons in the background offer some sense of scale, as well as the tauren there at its leg. Maybe I’ll get back into WoW, although it would take some doing, as there is still the problem of “level gap.” That, and well, my account doesn’t ever want to stay connected. Network drivers up to date, good connection, and the phenomenon seems to follow me around from computer to computer. Ah well.

Before anyone starts playing WoW, (you know who you are) you should probably read this primer on MMOG etiquette.

(X) x (X)

I miss California sometimes. The weather is nice, the pace of living is a little more laid back, and I’ve got the hometown advantage.

One of the things I miss most is In-n-Out burger.

I have told people about the (not so) secret menu, how you can get a burger a certain way, if you are “in the know.” You can order a Double Double from the menu, but you can also order a burger composed of the number of patties by the number of slices.

Thus, the “four by four” is a burger composed of four beef patties with four cheese slices.

Behold now, the “twenty by twenty.”

Also in that same article is the “seventy five by seventy five.”

(Insert obligatory “do you want fries with that?” comment.)