Daily Archives: January 20, 2006

Steak + Fireplace = ?

Anyone with a fireplace willing to try cooking their steak directly on the embers of their fireplace? Regarding the article, I do enjoy how it starts to wax tragic about love during the description of the inaugural meal.

Anyone? I’ll give it a shot. I’ll even buy the steak.


Had a bout with insomnia earlier in the week.

Three o’clock in the morning and I have absolutely no business being on the internet. Not really awake, and not asleep, I’m trolling for memes that I missed. I’m halfway through the Morning Musume clips on google video when my subconscious mind decides that they were only funny the first time. I guess pairing excitable Japanese women with African Rock Monitor lizards / Sadako / Bob Sapp / Tequila is a one trick pony.

On the other hand, it’s not all that likely that tequila was Patron of any sort, so I don’t blame her.


So, did you see that we’ve got a critical amount of space junk we’ll have to deal with at some point? I find this interesting because I recently started watching a television series about this very topic.

Planetes happens to be about “space junkmen,” the people that dispose of the debris in earth’s orbit. I suppose that the future of space travel in real life might follow the story of Planetes.

Orbital debris will be ignored and will build up until a catastrophic incident occurs with loss of human life. Then governments will start regulating corporations that send things into space and pass legislation requiring “debris collection departments.”

I can see it happening.

This interesting bit of news aside, I like Planetes as an interesting character driven dramedy.

Music Games

Man, I really hope that more music games make it to America. I’ve been importing music games for the last several years. Some of them required disc swapping and external modding in order to get around region coding. A pain in the ass to get started, but I enjoyed the games.

Maybe after the success of Guitar Hero, they will. In particular, I like the “DJ” style of beatmania, although I have a great fondness for the Korean stylings of Pump It Up. Beatmania is finally coming to the states, complete with custom controller.

There’s a portable game for the PSP that combines the two. It combines the gameplay of beatmania with Korean animation.

I’ve listened to the music samples (down at the bottom of the page), and so far, I like what I hear. Now all I need is a PSP and a working knowledge of Korean.

Another WoW Post

I find myself drawn to the forums, even though I hardly play the game. Found this brilliant post about devotion.