Daily Archives: April 20, 2006

Book 7 (Well, not really.)

As Ron and Hermione drew each other into a warm embrace, Harry decided to reveal himself before things got positively awkward.

Drawing his wand, he concentrated and wordlessly cast quietus on Ron and Hermione. Hermione’s head twitched as the spell took effect. He regretted casting spells on his friends, but time was of the essence. He would explain later, when everyone was safe.

Harry drew back the hood of his father’s invisibility cloak and spoke.

“Ron, Hermione, I apologize for what I’ve done, but you’ve got to come with me. It’s not safe here.” he whispered. Even then, he felt it was too loud. He had been careful, true, but it was a terrible risk to come for them. Harry felt that anyone could be listening, even now.

At the sound of Harry’s voice, Ron scrambled away from Hermione. As he watched Ron jump with fear, he was thankful that the quietus spell had worked. Ron was the very picture of fear, eyes wide open, mouth agape, fingers white from his grip on Hermione’s arm. Even with the spell, Harry swore that he could hear Ron’s scream, as though from a great distance.
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Ah, music

So I’m playing my morning Sudoku and I’ve got about fourteen squares to go. I get an sms on my phone, so I pause my game. They’re from google telling me that a couple of people have accepted my invitations for Friday and Sunday outings. I decide to pop on iTunes and listen to the 80s channel. I unpause Sudoku as the stream starts to buffer and focus on the last fourteen squares.

I’m stuck on a troublesome square. Then, the buffer fills.

It’s “Eye of the Tiger.”

I knocked out those last squares well before the song ended.

I did refrain from raising my arms up in triumph.