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More Sharing, I Promise

It’s a good thing I got all those photos back because, boy, look at those gems you would have missed.

A Tale, Told

In the tradition of all made up holidays, June has been declared Backup Awareness Month by Seagate and Maxtor. Who knew? I certainly didn’t, but I really wish I had known.

I will now recant to you a tale of woe and terror. One involving a hard drive, ten years of photos, documents, and home movies.

I get up one day and think to myself, “I should really back up the home directory on my laptop.” So I made a shared folder on my network at home, and booted up my laptop.

Or at least, I pressed the power button on my laptop and listened to the hard drive make a “hrrrgh” noise over and over. I cycle the power. No dice. Slightly nervous now, I try booting from CD, which works, but then the system can’t find the hard drive. I grabbed a firewire cable and Morgan’s iBook. Target disk mode fails. Zapped the PRAM. In all of my attempts, the hard drive refused to boot, or even be recognized.
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Hells –cking Yes

A new trailer for the Internet’s favorite movie. EVAR. So what if it hasn’t been released yet?

Thirty-one, day one

As a nice surprise, Nikon sent back my D70 yesterday. The blinky green light of death is gone, and the CCD has been cleaned. So, considering the pristine condition the camera was in when I bought it secondhand, I consider myself to have a brand new camera.

I’ve shot point and shoot for so long now that it feels good to go back to adjusting filmspeed, aperture and shutterspeed. Of course, the camera can do a lot of that for me, but at least I can manipulate those variables on this camera. My Canon AE-1 was not so forgiving and I had many a roll developed that was not viable. Of course, the beauty of shooting digital is that I can change ISO from shot to shot.

Thank the maker for EXIF data. So beats writing down the focal length, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO in a spiral notebook so long ago.

So now, my photographic education begins anew. I’ve already ordered a 50mm prime, since I wanted something closer to what the human eye sees for composition. Thankfully, I was able to find one just over a hundred dollars which is a relief to me, considering the going rate for any accessories for this “hobby.”

Nice rain we’re having, yes?

Spam, a lot.

Watched Spamalot last night at the National Theatre.



I had a fantastic time, it makes the transition over to musical format well intact. The humor is, well it’s Monty Python, so there’s a lot of repetition—but I like Monty Python. To try and describe some of the best scenes would obviously be spoiler material, not to mention futile, since a lot of it was cunning linguistics and timing.

It’s quite a bit naughty, and while it’s different from the movie, it does contain the good “bits.” The Lady of the Lake is now a principal character and the actress that played her last night was fantastic. Some of the newer jokes are over the top, I felt like scanning the playbill for Mel Brooks several times during the show.

The fourth wall did not survive intact.

One of the interesting things I saw that night was grown men, in suits, banging coconuts together and cantering about while their families looked embarrassed. Coconuts were ten dollars.

The other interesting thing? Cans of SPAM masquerading as theater memorabilia. SPAM was eight dollars.