Spam, a lot.

Watched Spamalot last night at the National Theatre.



I had a fantastic time, it makes the transition over to musical format well intact. The humor is, well it’s Monty Python, so there’s a lot of repetition—but I like Monty Python. To try and describe some of the best scenes would obviously be spoiler material, not to mention futile, since a lot of it was cunning linguistics and timing.

It’s quite a bit naughty, and while it’s different from the movie, it does contain the good “bits.” The Lady of the Lake is now a principal character and the actress that played her last night was fantastic. Some of the newer jokes are over the top, I felt like scanning the playbill for Mel Brooks several times during the show.

The fourth wall did not survive intact.

One of the interesting things I saw that night was grown men, in suits, banging coconuts together and cantering about while their families looked embarrassed. Coconuts were ten dollars.

The other interesting thing? Cans of SPAM masquerading as theater memorabilia. SPAM was eight dollars.