Home again, home again


Well, my PowerBook G4 is back from the shop with a brand new hard drive. More RAM, too, although I did that at home. Still feels hot, but then again, it always has. Still, it’s working and it’ll tide me over until I feel the need to get a new one. Now comes the arduous task of putting everything back on.

So far the only app on there is Delicious Library, because it’s fun and I could test bluetooth at the same time. Of course now, it’s version 1.6.3. When you’re scanning things in, it speaks the name of the item you scan in, if it’s successful. Makes it a lot of fun, and is good feedback for when the laptop is across the room and you’re scanning at the bookshelves.

Plus, when you scan anything with the word “Star Wars” in it, it waits ten seconds and then says, “I am your father. . .” in a creepy whisper.

Not bad for a three year old laptop.

That’s what? Twenty, in laptop years?