An Infestation of Luck

I’m sort of in a strange situation with the ladybugs in my office. I have dozens, maybe nearing a hundred or so of them in my office, hanging out near the sources of light.

They get in somehow, but then they can’t leave, due to the fact that the office is enclosed. So they manage to get inside the florescent light enclosures and then starve to death. They don’t bother me at all, other than the fact that I feel I have to rescue two or three of them every now and again.

The window in my office never had a screen installed, so I can cajole a few of them onto an index card, open my window and gently evict them into the open sky. At least I know they’ll fare better than the rest of their mates.

Their dry husks slowly littering the floor of my office, only to be swept away by the cleaning staff tonight.

Then the cycle begins anew.