I think this may be my killer app

This strip basically sums up one of the main reasons I would purchase a PlayStation3, and one of the reasons why I remain on the fence.

I bought the 360 for the social element. Now that mine’s in the shop—well not technically, I guess the box to send it to the shop is on its way here, so it’s sitting here being a big, broken piece of plastic and metal in my entertainment center—not that I burn with a dislike for Target’s warranty policy not unlike that of my preference to avoid Lapsang Souchoung tea—(this is a lot of em dashes) I look upon this strip and think, “You know, you’ve had that PlayStation 2 since 2000, with nary a disc error.”

As I sit here, I consider the wisdom of extolling the virtues of a piece of hardware that has not failed yet, but as you are here reading it, I suppose that I have made that decision already, and the die is cast.  On the other hand,  I went through about three PlayStations.  One of them I had to play with the unit upside down, so that discs would read.

Eye of Judgment is certainly an apt title.  I would most certainly by judged by others if  I bought a PlayStation 3 to play a collectible card game.

On the other hand, I played Magic: The Gathering so I’m already used to being judged.