Monthly Archives: November 2008

NaNoWriMo Day 7

Back to the grind.

UPDATE: 10,296 words as of this morning.  I think I’m back on pace, we’ll find out tonight, although that may be a little difficult with the fact that it’s Friday, and we’re all still coming off the fact that Change Has Come.

So Say We All.


NaNoWriMo, Day 6

Eight thousand words and some change.  And I’m slowly getting back into the world that I’m writing about, just got charged up again about ideas.

Ideas about pirates.

I guess it’s a fallback mechanism of some sort, but well, now they’re in there and I have to manage them somehow.

It’s better than not having anything to write about.  Two thousand or so words tonight to get back on pace.

That’s doable.



I’m horrible at writing creative fiction.

Doesn’t mean that I’m not going to give it a go.

I think I’m more of an ideas person, but a lot of the text coming through is clunky, verbose and just not an enjoyable read when I do my review session after I hit the word count targets for the day.

Whatever this ends up becoming, it’s most definitely going to require a lot of editing.