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Happy New Year!

I’m sitting in front of a desk, in front of a keyboard, sending electronic impulses that arrange themselves by some electrical method that I don’t understand into symbols that are then interpreted by the ocular nerve and the brain to mean, “Happy New Year!”

Lots of walking today

The weather is just too nice to not take long walks.

Even if it’s for errands that you have to do.

PS3 SingStar

SingStar PS3, in my experience, is the distillation of uproarious hilarity in a video scrapbook form.  Your mileage may vary of course, but with the right friends, the right frame of mind and the proper setup—it is comedy gold.

I picked it up for the toys r us buy two get one free sale, and then put it away and didn’t give it a second thought.

Until last night.

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I’ve decided Aquaria needs more press.

It’s amazing so far, and extremely polished.  So far, meaning about six hours into the game, but the quality is apparent, even in the first hour of play.  The artwork, the animation, the attention paid to the interface, the intuitive controls, and the storytelling are all excellent.  It’s only more amazing when I realize I’m talking about an exploration type game, in the vein of the two dimensional Castlevania and Metroid series.

I normally dislike these games, mainly because I do run into the problem of them being “too big.”  However, Aquaria handles this beautifully by allowing me to annotate the map at any time.  Which is great, because I have a habit of putting these games on the shelf in lieu of a more twitchy title.   By the time I get back around to remembering where I am in games of this sort, I am so lost that I’m better off starting over again.

But I have the feeling that I’ll be continuing with Aquaria for a while. Continue reading



At the urging of my brother, I ‘ve decided that maybe I should join the Digital Television Revolution.

I know.

We went out and got an antenna today, but then remembered that I don’t actually have an HD tuner in my HD Television.  I did purchase it right on the cusp of the announcing of the move to digital broadcast, so that means I’ll need a tuner.  I’ll at least give it a shot, but right now I’m in the research phase, looking for a decent tuner.

So I watched regular, SD television tonight.  I managed to watch the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics on a rebroadcast.  It was very impressive, although watching it just reminded me just how much I hate commercials.

I hate them.

One of the announcers even had the gall to say, “You were out during commercials during the transition to this scene, but let me tell you, it was amazing!”

Fucking.  Ridiculous.

However, the actual ceremony was really impressive.  It’s incredible what you can accomplish when you have so many, “volunteers.”