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PS3 SingStar

SingStar PS3, in my experience, is the distillation of uproarious hilarity in a video scrapbook form.  Your mileage may vary of course, but with the right friends, the right frame of mind and the proper setup—it is comedy gold.

I picked it up for the toys r us buy two get one free sale, and then put it away and didn’t give it a second thought.

Until last night.

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If it’s your style, Karaoke Revolution Country is out.

How would you know? Well, just peruse the song list.

All my ex’s live in Texas. . .
And that’s whyyyyyy I hang my hat—in Tenesseeeeeeee!


Wait, there's a sequel?

Hey, submit your song request for the next inevitable karaoke revolution sequel. Just click on the official website link and request a song. Anybody (with a ps2, natch) that wants me to come over with the game is welcome to send me an invitation to their house. I’ll bring beer, if you want. That website’s got the current song list too, if you want to check it out.


Interesting trend

The Xbox and the PS2 both have karaoke related products in their holiday lineups.

Karaoke Revolution for the PS2.

and Xbox Music Mixer for the, uh, Xbox.

Both games are bundled with microphones.

The PS2 offering is an actual game, where a “real time interactive audience” will react to pitch and rhythm. It’s virtual American Idol.

However, the Xbox offering actually allows you to choose your songs, purchase them online, and then use your PC to transfer them over to your Xbox. If you’ve already got an Xbox, and want a karaoke player, then it’s your best bet. The only downfall is paying $2 a song. But, having listened to the samples, they are using fairly good bootlegs of the original artist recordings. The catalog has over 20,000 songs, and when you download it, it’s a 1.03 MB text file.

It seems like the Xbox software is a little more exciting, considering you can pick what you want. Without a hard drive, the PS2 is left to its selection of songs on the disc.



Finally, it’s Monday so I can get some rest.

I’d like to thank everyone that made it to malaysian food and karaoke. Despite my best efforts, I managed to relax and have a fantastic time.

And damn if those mango martinis weren’t smooth.