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Every Freaking Time

I think to myself,

Oh wow, there’s something interesting to play that’s exclusive to the PS3!

I’ll go home and start it up, only to realize that I need to update the firmware because I never turn the damn thing on except to play that one exclusive every six months.

I guess that’s a first world problem.



Flower is just one of those games which would never fly at retail.

To be honest, I feel like it belongs in an art museum, one of those high ideal “interactive journeys” that would be placed between the room sized ceramic Chuck Taylors and the minature wrought iron diorama of Main Street USA in the 1980s.

There would be several stations, each with a monitor and some headphones and a simplified gyroscopic controller with one button instead of a PS3 control pad.

Really, it’s that esoteric.

I don’t think that the mainstream gaming audience is ready to drop $10 on an experience of this nature.

Made by the fine, fine people that brought you Cloud and Flow, the people who work at That Game Company.

You know, that one.

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Technolust 2009

Bleah.  This cold is totally being passive aggressive right now.  I’ve been dealing with it but then I totally forgot that CES was going on.

As in, right now.

Just catching up with all of the announcements and everything.  So far the most interesting things so far are the MadCatz Street Fighter IV tournament edition stick and the tiny DLPs from Wowwee.

Finally there was the Palm pré which is just, “Wow.”  They’ve come a long way since I owned a US Robotics palm device. Continue reading

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PS3 SingStar

SingStar PS3, in my experience, is the distillation of uproarious hilarity in a video scrapbook form.  Your mileage may vary of course, but with the right friends, the right frame of mind and the proper setup—it is comedy gold.

I picked it up for the toys r us buy two get one free sale, and then put it away and didn’t give it a second thought.

Until last night.

Wow. Continue reading

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PlayStation Home

Yes, where you, too can be hit on by fabulously anonymous denizens of the internet.

The launch is scheduled for today, December 11, for the PlayStation Home Beta.  I like the “beta” subtitle.

I’m looking forward to the place getting populated by more people, although I don’t know why.

I know I am not going to spend too long in the application itself.  I view it mainly as an interesting social experiment.  It’s as if a Sony exec asked, “If we add Second Life features to the demographics of PlayStation 3 owners, what will we get?” Continue reading