Technolust 2009

Bleah.  This cold is totally being passive aggressive right now.  I’ve been dealing with it but then I totally forgot that CES was going on.

As in, right now.

Just catching up with all of the announcements and everything.  So far the most interesting things so far are the MadCatz Street Fighter IV tournament edition stick and the tiny DLPs from Wowwee.

Finally there was the Palm pré which is just, “Wow.”  They’ve come a long way since I owned a US Robotics palm device.

The fighting stick looks like it’s shaping up to be the way to play Street Fighter IV.  They’re using Sanwa parts from the Vewlix Japanese arcade cabinets.  Additionally, I’ve seen pictures that seem to indicate that you can actually open the stick and swap parts out as needed.  Which is great.

Now, if only they would get around to making a universal controller for both the PS3 and the 360.

Why even bother making them USB if they can’t be used on both consoles?  This whole proprietary controllers thing has got to go.  I know it’s a pipe dream, but I’ll just continue to have it.

The cinemin (cute) projectors from Wowwee look interesting, but I’d like to see image quality in person before I drop $300 to be a beta tester.

I don’t know when or where, but it just screams future to me.  I can’t think of a time when I’d actually use them, considering I use the PSP for media and don’t actually need a tiny projector, but the other day, I was on the street and I ran into an old friend of mine.  I mentioned that I was in a wedding over the summer and then she demanded proof when I told her who the two culprits were.

So I had to break out the iPod nano and show her the pictures on this tiny screen in broad daylight.

It was like ’05 all over again.  Granted, the pico projector still wouldn’t have helped in that situation, but I still wouldn’t mind having one on hand.

Finally the Palm pré.  They’ve been super quiet for a long time.

I guess the pré is why.  The accented e is just their way of branding it.  I guess it’s better than not using vowels or slapping a lowercase i in front of the product name.

That’s right.  I went there.

It looks great, has a multi touch interface, and it’s got a keyboard (hello, iPhone 3.0, I’m looking at you).

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