PlayStation Home

Yes, where you, too can be hit on by fabulously anonymous denizens of the internet.

The launch is scheduled for today, December 11, for the PlayStation Home Beta.  I like the “beta” subtitle.

I’m looking forward to the place getting populated by more people, although I don’t know why.

I know I am not going to spend too long in the application itself.  I view it mainly as an interesting social experiment.  It’s as if a Sony exec asked, “If we add Second Life features to the demographics of PlayStation 3 owners, what will we get?”

It’s a question I would not have asked, and ultimately, the answer to that question may not be one that Sony’s going to like.

The application feels dated in comparison to equivalent offerings There and Second Life.  Without a keyboard, text chat is slow and clumsy.  I will say that it is a fairly aesthetically pleasing environment, but seems really limited in terms of space.  Zoning is a punishing affair, and after I patched the game once, I had to download zones and sit and wait until they were downloaded.

How dare I want to leave my luxurious oceanview apartment.

I don’t understand the point of the app, and maybe it’s not for me.  Little Big Planet was the same way.  For PlayStation Home, I can see myself logging on if there’s a press event or some sort of exclusive content.

Otherwise, it doesn’t seem very compelling.