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We have been duped

I ordered Japanese last night.

Not a big deal, but I ordered some grilled salmon, beef negimaki, some age tofu, gyoza, sukiyaki, and an order of tonkatsu.

I was splitting this with a friend while we watched Lust, Caution, via the Netflix instant queue on the xbox 360.

The food arrived earlier than expected, and I realized that we were missing the tonkatsu sauce. This realization of course, came after the delivery person had come and gone.

Tonkatsu isn’t tonkatsu without sauce.  However, it was already too late and I didn’t want to call the restaurant back for tonkatsu sauce, so we decided to make do with some barbecue sauce I had in the fridge.

It’s just as good.  In fact, I could hardly taste the difference.  I felt like I had been living a lie all these years.  All I needed was hot mustard and it would have been the same.

Oh, also, Lust, Caution has sex in it.  Just thought you should know.

Update:  I just want to talk about Lust, Caution some more.  It’s an espionage spy thriller set in Japanese occupied Shanghai.  It’s nearly three hours, but I didn’t mind, and it’s an Ang Lee film, so I’ll leave you with that.  It was somewhat controversial, and I understand that it took over 100 hours to film that ten minutes.

It is also not the “feel good movie of the year” but then I did tell you it was an Ang Lee film, so I feel you’ve been warned.

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