What’s interesting about the failure is that it’s not binary.

There’s an analog variance to it that I would normally find fascinating.

Except for the fact that my shower now requires a constant adjustment of the taps in order to maintain the balance between outright freezing and scalding.

About one week ago, my building had a “catastrophic” failure of the main hot water boiler.  This was attributed to a leak in the primary coils (in the warp core, no doubt) which led to some sort of minor implosion.  We’ve got a standby boiler, but it doesn’t have the capacity that the primary has.

So showers are sort of hit and miss at the moment.  High usage times, such as late at night and early morning are right out.  Even then, outside of those times, the hot water pressure varies.  I almost think that a total failure would be better, but then I remember that it’s one degree outside with windchill.

Our management company has released a statement about the boiler, stating that it’s going to be about 14 business days in order to get the boiler repaired.  Fortunately, we’ve got a decent reserve, but I’m mainly concerned about a special assessment.  We’ll see.