Daily Archives: March 24, 2009

The Future

Honestly, when I was but a young lad, carefree and winning spelling bees every year in grade school from first to eighth grade, I never once imagined that I’d have a robot of my very own to vaccuum the house for me.

Now that I have one, I never thought I’d be wrapping socks around the legs of furniture to protect them from the robot.

I’ve got a Roomba.  “Roomba-kun” as we like to call him around the house, loves his job.  He loves it so much that sometimes he can be a little over enthusiastic.  Roomba-kun is a Discovery series and indicative of the breed, has a hard plastic bumper.  The bumper is his primary method of interacting with the world.  As I found out when I activated him for the first time.  He wasted no time in ramming the legs of every chair I relocated to.

Rushing headlong into the corners of wooden furniture is one of his favorite past times.  Great for him, but a sure fire way to get a lot of nicks and scratches around the legs of the wooden furniture.

Enter the bag of old socks that I don’t wear anymore.  I found that just wrapping a sock around the legs of furniture is a little easier than attaching foam to Roomba-kun’s front bumper.

So now, he happily runs headlong into things, although now I feel a little bit better about his overall well being.  The sound of him exploring his world is now punctuated by understated whump noises instead of uncomfortable twhack! noises.

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